The Pier - Phu Quoc Island

Good days on Phu Quoc during the holidays. Dinner at a nearby beach bar, waiting for the sun to get lower. Used a 9 stop ND filter for this shot.

Saigon Waterfront - Blue Hour

211 second exposure with HOYA 9 stop ND filter

Rise and Shine

Vietnamese boats on the shore, Ha Tinh province.

The Burning Sea - Phu Quoc Island

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Pastel Sunrise - Dalat, Vietnam

Pastel Morning - Dalat Vietnam

Pastel Series

Morning in the Forest - Dalat, Vietnam

Morning light in the forests around Dalat city, Vietnam

Lake of Ghosts

Long Exposure photography after sunset, using Hoya 9 stop ND filter.

Straight to the Top (Saigon, Vietnam)

The Two Towers - Saigon

30-second exposure. I used my 35mm DX lens on the d800. Still amazed at how sharp this little lens is, and it almost covers the full frame :)

Morning on the Coast - Long Hai, Vietnam

Sunrise on Phu Quoc (Vietnam)

Morning Boats and Shadows

About 15km south of Vinh City, Vietnam.

Boats on the Shore (Vietnam)

Taken in the North, about 15-20 km south of Vinh city, early in the morning.